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Mappit® - A4F fanless PC System

Klick für GroßbildA fanless PC System had been developed based on the VIA Mini-ITX motherboard series. Due to the special design of the inside and the shape of the aluminium enclosure a sufficient cooling capacity is guaranteed. This prevents unacceptable high temperatures in the computer case, which increases the operational stability and reliability. The closed design of the Mappit® A4F makes it extremely useful in dirty and very dusty environments. The power is supplied via an internal power supply with a wide-range input (100-240V) and a very high efficiency. A special electronic makes use of the ATX functionality, but also deliberately disables the stand-by power function of the mainboard.

Klick für GroßbildThe power connector on the backside is also controlled by that electronic (e.g. for a monitor). So when you shut down the Mappit® A4F via software or just turn it off then this power output is turned of as well, which is a substantial reduction in power consumption compared to conventional ATX computer systems.

A4F TochThe user can expand the memory and hard drive capacity (2.5inch space). All other components are already integrated into the mainboard. An extension with optical drives or other devices is possible via the IEEE 1394 Firewire and/or USB 2.0 interface. The Mappit A4F can also be run in a diskless mode with the integrated PXE BootROM.

The fanless and small construction of the Mappit A4F reduces the running costs, increases the operational reliability and opens a manifold of applications:
           · educational institutes
           · cash registers
           · general industry